Where Do We Start

We start with a short introduction about me. My name is Darrell Van Hall. I have been designing and building custom homes and kitchens for over 40 years.  As a contractor I was pretty set on my subcontractors, but never to old to change. When Ivan, owner of Heritage Woodcrafters approached me about trying his cabinets. I thought since I was building a spec home this would be a good time to try some different cabinets Wow!. I have not seen this kind of quality and value in cabinets before. Did I mention my building company had its own cabinet division at one time. Well enough about me, let’s talk about the steps it takes to make your dream kitchen a reality.

Contact me at 641-416-0022 cell, 641-620-9100 home or developr@iowatelecom.net

  1. You will let me know if you are building new or remodeling. The we can start talking about kitchen floor plans. We have very sophisticated software that will show you:
    1. Floor plans
    2. 3-D from any view
    3. Colors of cabinets, walls, floors, ceilings, counter tops
    4. Light fixtures
    5. Colored photo of your dream kitchen
  2. Once we have the kitchen layout finalized. We need to choose:
    1. Color of Cabinets
    2. Door and drawer styles
    3. Moldings
    4. Hardware
    5. Countertops
  3. Now we can price your kitchen
  4. Make any necessary adjustments
  5. We sign the contract and pay 50% down, and your dream kitchen will start being crafted.